Music Has its Way With Me

Music Has Its Way With Me cover

Jerry Granelli: drums, percussion
DJ Stinkin’ Rich: vocals, turntable
Jamie Saft: moog, rhodes
Christian Kögel: guitar
J. Anthony Granelli: bass

Jerry Granelli has bridged the generations with an album that brings together 50 years of music in a way only someone who has lived through it can.

Rich first met Jerry Granelli during the filming of a documentary on Jerry’s Iife. That led to a one-off “Drum-and-DJ” show at the Atlantic Jazz Festival in 1997. lt’s that furious jam of percussive jazz and fluid, sociaIly conscious hip-hop which throws the doors of jazz and hip-hop wide open – making anything possible. The sheer energy and excitement from that show eventually led to the ‘uniquely millennial beat-poetry’, as the Montreal Gazette dubs Music Has lts Way With me.

Rich’s extensive discography, with releases on Toronto’s 4 Ways to Rock, San Francisco’s Anticon, Toronto’s Hand Solo and on murdere-cords showcases his limitless talent. Stinkin’ Rich’s music has been featured in NBA ads and Rich even snuck in an appearance on Sesame Street’s “Grocery Store Rap”.

Although Rich was already referencing jazz in his music, the Granelli project has allowed him to blow his horizons wide open. A lot of work he is doing with Granelli is close to free-form, almost spoken word, paying homage to the beat poetry of Kerouac.

Audiences and critics have been thrilled about what they hear. Sold-out shows at the Atlantic Jazz Festival and rave reviews about their recent shows in Toronto and Ottawa can’t be wrong. The Ottawa Sun called the recent show one of the Top Ten of the Year. Sandy MacDonald from the Daily News says “with Rich’s groovin’ spoken word… alongside Granelii’s drumming, the CD is an entrancing listen. Reminds me of an old Kerouac recording.”

DJ Stinkin’ Rich is now know as Buck 65.

* “I come off the stage,” – drummer Jerry Granelli observes, “and people say, ‘Wow, man, it’s great to see an old person here.”
Allan Wigney, Ottawa X Press, 16.9.1999

* His mission, he [Granelli] says, is to “keep trying to find the edge.” And he knows his current band will help keep that edge sharp.
Allan Wigney, Ottawa X Press, 16.9.1999

* ” I didn’t set out to make a hip-hop record,” Granelli explains. “I didn’t set out to have a band and add a scratcher. I set out to find people of like mind who wanted to improvise and play together. I’ve learned more about this music from these young guys than anybody.”
Stephen Cooke, Entertainment ?, 18.8.1999

* With Rich’s groovin’ spoken word and cool turntable work alongside Granelli’s drumming and a tight band behind, the CD is an entrancing listen. Reminds me of an old Kerouac recording [...].
The Daily News, 8.7.1999

* While Music Has Its Way With Me is challenging, the pay off is tremendous – Granelli’s cosmic cool infuses every percussion-heavy tune, while Terfry’s [Stinkin' Rich] thougthful exposure of his own interior landscape lends a quirky lyrical character to the musically experimental backbone. If you’re schooled in urban rhythms, let Music Has Its Way With Me serve as your final exam. If you’re new to the scene, consider Granelli’s latest offering an extra credit course.
Coast Life, Summer 1999

* Best thing about Music Has Its Way With Me is Granelli’s chameleon act as he slips into a superb funky triphop mode, augmenting the vibe, not destroying it. A rarity: a drummer’s album where the drumming ain’t way over the top and solo crazy. And it’s a darn right tasty platter to boot.
[...] Jerry Granelli is still the Energizer Bunny of jazz drummers.
John Sekerka,

* Granelli is so well-versed in the existing vernacular of jazz and hip-hop that sound come across like a compendium culminating in the last 20 years of crossover experimentation. This disc will leave you wondering if you really heard such a wide array of muscial languages in just 66 minutes. The short answer is, yes.
Chart, 11/1999

* Together, the two [Jerry Granelli & Stinkin' Rich] construct odd and unique millennial beat-poetry. File under “out there”.
T’Cha Dunlevy, The Gazette, Montreal, 16.9.1999

* ” Is it jazz ?” That’s the question cheerful old Buddhist fart Jerry Granelli poses in the liner notes to this, his collaboration with Halifax hip hop head Stinkin’ Rich and a posse of talented young Nova Scotian whippersnappers. Is it ? Yes, says I, but what do I know ? The real question is, is it good music ? Fuck, yes ! Granelli, a jazzbo with some solid history behind him, summons up cool, sharp rhythms. The Stinky one works the decks and drops some crazy post-beatnik spoken word [...], while the others help fashion a heady mélange of electrical mystery music. Go on, let it have its way with you.
Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, 10/09/99